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Voyagez tout au long du Fleuve Congo

Majestic River vous offre une vue panoramique du Fleuve Congo...

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selon la formule que vous choisirez, vous pouvez...

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Majestic River I

Welcome to Majestic River
 A one of a kind place in the heart of Kinshasa

The Majestic River l and Majestic River ll are cruise ships, one being a full-time restaurant and the other making frequent tours on the famous fleuve, situated on the Congo-River.
Come visit us for the full majestic experience, taste our great food
and enjoy our great cocktails in one amazing capital city with a view of another!

Stay updated on upcoming events. Click on the Event menu or browse the sub menus in Majestic River l or Majestic River ll to stay connected! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to satisfy your curiosity ! You will not be disappointed.

See you soon. Maybe today ?

Majestic River II